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Orissa Commercial Tax

Orissa Commercial Tax Department was responsible for bringing electronic filling of commercial tax Orissain to account. Orissa Commercial Tax Department also launched the TIN (Tax Identification Number and SRIN (Small Registered Dealers Identification Number) on its official website,

Electronic Payment of commercial tax Orissa when clubbed with SRIN and TIN services offers a lot of relief to the dealers, stakeholders and merchants who can now directly interact with the Orissa Commercial Tax Department without any middle man being involved. The IT patner of Orissa Commercial Tax Department is Mastek Ltd which has helped in making commercial tax Orissa understandable to even masses. They together made a centralized solution for payment of commercial tax Orissa and they also came up with many innovative solutions that came into being from the year 2003. This has made Orissa Commercial Tax Department one of the most IT sufficient departments in the state and offers many benefits in terms of commercial tax Orissa, the dealers in question and the merchants. Thus, the long queues are shunned for payment of commercial tax Orissa. It also helps in saving lot of time of not only merchants and dealers in payment of commercial tax Orissa but also that of Orissa Commercial Tax Department as it eases out the method of interaction and bring lot of convenience. No doubt that the life of people of state concerned with commercial tax Orissa has simplified manifold.

Details Aboutorissa Commercial Tax Department

Orissa Commercial Tax Department was incepted on April 1st in the year 1947. It was the prime vision of Orissa Commercial Tax Department to administer different types of taxes and formulate a policy that is unbiased and convenient to implement.

Mission of Orissa Commercial Tax Department

  • Transparent collection of taxes that is fair to all and well organized in every aspect.
  • Simplifying procedures in order to encourage trade and commerce.
  • Another mission of Orissa Commercial Tax Department is to reinforce mutual trust.
  • Ceasing cases of frauds of evasion of tax.
  • Bringing transparency, accountability and competency to administration of taxes in order make it easier for the stakeholder.

Orissa Commercial Tax Contact Details

Old Secretariat Compound
Cuttack - 753 001

Phone: 91-671-2305033
Fax: 91-671-2304077

Technical Support For Orissa Commercial Tax

Toll Free Number: 1800-345-6753*

IT Cell: +91-671-2304922 / 2303865


Orissa Commercial Tax e-Payment Services

In order to make epayment or the payment of Orissa commercial tax online, one has to enroll self. Thus, a dealer needs to register himself under the VAT act of Orissa. This will enable him to make necessary actions online for Orissa commercial tax. Thus, once enrollment is done, a password and user id is provided to the dealer for payment of Orissa commercial tax. This password has to be changed by the dealer and thereafter his selected password gives him entry into payment of Orissa commercial tax page. In order to make the request for Orissa commercial tax e payment, one has to log on to and fill in the following details:

  • Dealer’s name and whereabouts
  • SRIN and TIN of dealer
  • Dealer registration circle

Thus, when the password is requested for, the Orissa Commercial Tax Department issues the same and sends it to the user email id or by messaging on his mobile. Another way is to contact the Orissa commercial tax office of the dealer’s circle and get the password. Once the enrolment process is successfully completed by the dealer, only them Orissa commercial taxepayment password is obtained.

Registration Form

Thus, one should be sure about the details that have to be filled during the enrolment which are:

  • Visit the website of Orissa Commercial Tax Department or
  • Visit e-Services portal where Orissa commercial tax payment can be done. Here one will find a Portal button. Press on it and visit Portal page.
  • Here one is supposed to use password that is issued by the Orissa Commercial Tax Department for first time log in. your user id would be your TIN which will be required to log in to the Orissa commercial tax payment page.
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